v2ray搭建教程 百度经验

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Learn more about upcoming diversity education and training offerings.

Meet the Facilitators

Meet the diversity and inclusion education and training facilitators.

Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’s Diversity and Inclusion Education and Training enhances the Institute’s commitment to creating an inclusive and welcoming campus community. The unit will develop and lead a broad range of education and training focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion issues that will be available to all members of the Tech community. Email institutediversity@gatech.edu for information on upcoming campus education and training offerings.


Upcoming Events

  • Aug 26

    v2ray搭建教程 百度经验

    Institute Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Georgia Tech’s ADVANCE Program offer 90-minute implicit bias workshops designed for faculty.

  • Sep 9

    v2ray搭建教程 百度经验

    Join us virtually for the 2020 Georgia Tech Diversity Symposium, 'Understanding Accessibility as Inclusion: Georgia Tech's Pathway to Accessibility' on September 9.

  • Sep 10

    v2ray搭建教程 百度经验

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